• Bird - a poem by Seb Reilly. She inspires. She is. This piece, written as part of Birds and Other Stories, an art installation and performance at the Turner Contemporary, is for she.
  • Gongats - a poem by Seb Reilly. In the darkened forest, late at night, remember to look up and shine a torchlight. This poem tells of Gongats, creatures that live in the trees. Pay attention please.
  • Killing Time - a poem by Seb Reilly. An abstract poem, a signature, a list of names by the door. So many hands to shake, such a waste to spend the evening like this. A musing on the timeline.
  • Pyramid - a poem by Seb Reilly. A pulsing held deep and sounds heard unclear, the haunting voices in a place of fear, this is a poem of minds inside to be read in time to the lost beat you find.
  • Shipwreck - a poem by Seb Reilly. An epic-style, slightly modernist long poem, allegorical in theme and tone, of a ship lost to the rocks; run aground in sand, and a crew torn from a forced choice.
  • Still - a poem by Seb Reilly. In the peace of the early morning, after the slow departure of the night, there is a time for thought and reflection, like the water in the calming early light.
  • Symbiosis - a poem by Seb Reilly. The continuous conflict between man and nature is explored in this documentation of the war to hold back the green. This poem observes the unending struggle against life.